Many of the women interviewed express a desire for something more in their lives. Most have found that after reading/watching Twilight they wanted more passion and or love in their lives. Do you think that their personal realization is a positive thing or are they longing for something that is impossible to obtain?

I think on all accounts it is a positive thing; however one of the issues that the film explores is what this "desire for something more" really entails. Sometimes it is simply a desire for more connection, excitement, and/or more intimacy in a relationship, and sometimes it can be more symbolic of an underlying need for something to be fulfilled within oneself. This is something that comes up for most people at various different points in their lives (a need/seeking for "more") and often it is tricky to decipher between whether that need can be met by someone else, within one's own self, or both. Again, we explore this balance in a fresh and interesting way that most people can relate to on some level - whether they are Twilight fans or not!


Absolutely. For one thing, Dawn felt that she was alone in what she was experiencing. In reality, numerous women (and men) go through what she is going through. Sometimes people hold it inside and never talk about it. They may act out or just feel perpetually dissatisfied. I think Dawn was brave to speak so openly and I think one of the messages that come through with her is that it is possible to question and challenge status quo. To think that one person can give you everything or compare your partner to Edward or Jacob is certainly unrealistic; but to make a decision that something in your life needs to change is one of the most challenging and sometimes necessary moves. Whether Dawn leaves her husband or not is not as much the point as that she will no longer accept how things have been. Ideally they will go into some intensive couples' therapy before deciding if it is "too late," as she said. I would say that her message of empowerment in a nutshell is to challenge complacency and work on the things that are making you or your relationship feel stuck.