About the Film

Into the Twilight Haze attempts to uncover why so many are enamored with the books and films. Written, produced, and directed by a psychologist, it delves into the allure of Twilight as a vehicle to explore male-female dynamics today (what men want, what women want, our differences, and why it is often still so hard to understand one another). It is a journey into the human psyche with regards to our needs/desires for intimacy, love, sex, connection, self-growth, and our inter-relationship struggles. Through a series of interviews, adult psychologist Niloo Dardashti is able to facilitate a deep exploration into the hearts of several women touched immensely by Twilight.


Among several themes that come up consistently in her interviews, she discovers that Twilight triggers a deep-rooted primal desire for people to feel mirrored, heard and validated in relationships, in addition to a collective unconscious (and sometimes conscious) desire for old fashioned notions of love. Together with other experts in the field of human behavior, she explores the various implications of this paradoxical desire and other themes that the saga triggers for people. Using Twilight as a reference of comparison, the film touches on the balance of feeling fulfilled through an “Other,” while finding inspiration and wholeness within one’s own Self.


"A groundbreaking foray into the female psyche....an intriguing documentary that is fascinating and sometimes heartbreaking." International Business Times , 34 , NY

"Nice Movie" MJ , 25 , TN

"Intriguing, engaging & captivating!" Emily , 59 , CT