One of the most striking interviews in the film is with Dawn McCay, whose marriage difficulties manifested after she read Twilight. Yet her demand for true love is not tragic but rather self-assured. Do you think that her story sends a message of empowerment?

I thought it was too important a topic to not do anything about it. It was clear to me that for many women Twilight was a vehicle, if you will, for exploring some of their own longings and questions about relationships in general. It would be too simple to say what some critics say about Twilight depicting some sort of societally driven desire in women for a man to be their "everything." There has to be balance for most things in life and the balance of feelingwhole within one's self and feeling satisfied in a relationship is certainly a big one. Also, the process of romantic to companionate love is a wonderful yet challenging experience for countless people. Many women in long term relationships feel that Twilight triggers a longing for the first stages of their relationship and this is an issue that often does not come up until something triggers it. I wanted there to be a platform to talk about these matters and what better vehicle to do so than Twilight?