Into the Twilight Haze: Part I

What is it about the Twilight saga that is so compelling to women across generations and cultures?

This question was on my mind a year and a half ago when I had several patients who talked at length with me about what the film brought up for them, not to mention numerous friends and family members. I finally decided to watch the first movie and found that, despite my assumptions that I would not buy into the hype, I really liked the movie. I began to think about what it was that was so alluring and came up with some ideas. But I thought it would be most interesting to ask women of all ages how they felt about it and create a documentary regarding the phenomenon while look at it from a psychological, social-emotional level. So I hired a team of people and we did just that.  The basic themes that came up during the interview process will be summarized here in a series of blogs.

What does Twilight bring up for women?

Twilight appears to tap into a universal longing for a partner with whom one shares a deep, distinct connection. Through speaking to many women (both in session and for the documentary), it seemed that a major aspect that women yearn for in men is that he be accepting and attuned, while maintaining a sense of unpredictability and gently challenging her.  While reading or watching Twilight, many women reported that they experienced memories of first loves and a longing for the intensity of feelings associated with a first love experience. There was also a consistent draw to the the sexual tension between Edward and Bella and many women expressed their paradoxical feelings of appreciation for women’s sexual liberation while still nostalgic about a time when couples did not rush into sex, (thus lengthening the tension if you will). And we all know that by tension, we are also referring to most women’s favorite part of sex: foreplay.