Effortless Romance

While "romance" can be a key component to a healthy and vital relationship, couples do not always truly exercise the gesture. In the article, “The Importance of Romance,” author Barton Goldsmith stresses the need for romance in a relationship, and offers suggestions to help intrigue couples to get started. Goldsmith proposes that romance revolves around intimacy. More specifically sex and romance are two very different things, yet the latter has the ability to improve the former.
Being romantic is really more than just a thoughtful act here and there. It is about a state of mind in which one is inclined to “seize the moments” that are already there. According to Goldsmith, The dilemma is that many people simply don’t know how. Great examples of romantic gestures are embedded in all kinds of sources, such as romantic movies; however, they are usually not, nor do they have to be, as grandiose as some of the ones reflected by Hollywood. In reality, romantic efforts do not have to be perfect, but if one is attuned to their partner, and fully present in during the gesture, the partner usually picks up on it and can appreciate it fully.
One of the key elements in becoming a romantic expert is to be observant about your partner’s romance style. If that isn't enough, Goldsmith recommends books such as, “1001 Ways to Be Romantic” by Greg Godek, which shares methods of being romantic with your partner that can also inspire him/her to return the favor. Communication with your partner about his/her specific romantic needs is the surest way to be successful when it comes to romance. Romantic gestures are a gift which can be present on a regular basis in healthy relationships. It is not so important how you specifically attempt it, as much as doing it with love, presence, and appreciation in mind. The results will prove to be well worth the effort.
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